Our Muse Elvire about Second Hand Fashion

F5230012-copyI can’t really describe myself because it would be the most subjective thing ever but I like asking questions and trying to find answers. I’m mostly going through life and its interrogations.


If I were a cloth I think that I would be wide denim overalls and shorts. Perfect for summer, comfortable, a bit childish, carefree but inconvenient when you have to take them off, life would be great if you didn’t need to take them off. I love fashion on an artistic level. I actually wanted to become a fashion designer a few years ago, but I’m not really comfortable with it when it comes to the business part. Ready to wear is just too much. I consider the clothes that I wear as an introduction to myself so I choose them rather carefully, that’s why I started going to second hand shops. There I can buy clothes that I really like without being mentally polluted by trends and it feels good to know that I won’t see them on half of the people I meet in the streets.

I also find shopping much more interesting when I have to dig and pay proper attention to not miss a gem that might be lying right in front of me.

I usually go to a little shop in my hometown with my mum and we’re like two kids every time we go there. It wouldn’t be honest to say that I go there to counter fast fashion but it’s just another really good reason.