Slow Spring with Louise


 Louise from France ….

I’m an average human being. Nor better nor worse. Trying to do my best for the planet Earth but not trying really hard.  I think I would be a dress. I like dresses. Falling a bit above the knee, in a skater shape. Can be classy or casual, depends on what you wear it with.

Ideally, I would only wear clothes made respectfully for both the workers and the environment. But it’s not so easy to find that at an affordable price. So I just forget about it while going shopping but still remember that ‘no, I don’t need another blue shirt, even if this one has a cute collar.
In the city where I’m from, there is hardly any second hand shop. Each time I was traveling somewhere, I wanted to check, dig, and discover some forgotten treasures. But out of bad luck or lack of motivation, I often left empty-handed. That’s why is great: you don’t have any digging to do, it’s all there already: some beautiful, genuine clothing that have a story, unlike the million manufactured products you can find.