Meet The Game Changer Artist & Eclectic Style Icon

IMG_4651There is no one in the art scene of Tbilisi with  as unique and polarizing personal style  — as Gvantsa Jishkariani, Georgian artist based in Tbilisi. We asked her to become our muse and  let us pick her brain about the fashion industry and environmental issues. 

Clothtome: Let’s start with you, describe yourself  as if you were a style?

Gvantsa: G. I am the one who stands on the roof of a truck and has fun while dancing on “Saxe”’s songs and while wearing vintage Versace top on leopard print high wasted trousers and glossy kitten heels. So, probably eclectic.

CTM: How important is for you apparel?

Gvantsa: It is as important, as everything I put on my body.


IMG_4650CTM: What do you think about Fashion and Environment?

Gvantsa: I don’t think Fashion industry is my favorite industry at all,  as the main purpose of its existence is to feed our consumer needs and give us possibility of showing off (which sometimes of course feels good). It’s not surprising that on our way of material satisfaction we kill more and more, we pollute more to produce more, to consume more and to be proud of having more than others. So the main thing we all need to understand, I think, is that there’s no winner in this game; we all lose. most of the time I can not find fashion human positive enough to have big respect for it. But I also admire those brands and people who are having fun in it, who create something inspiring, who make changes.

CTM: what about using second hand clothes? is it important to you?

Gvantsa: As I hate paying big money (which I don’t own) for clothes, I love paying as less as possible, because in Georgia we are blessed enough to have huge and the most brilliant second hand shops, e-stores or bazaars in the Europe. I enjoy finding and wearing unique pieces and maybe mixing them with new accessories, bags or shoes for instance.

CTM: You as a model?

Gvantsa: Shooting for you was a big fun! Loved working with you darling and with Levan, he’s a Man(!) who knows what to ask for